Take a Golf Holiday in Pattaya for Your Health

Take a Golf Holiday in Pattaya for Your Health

Man playing golf

Golf courses in Thailand are well-known for their scenic beauty, their fresh air, and sunshine and for the quiet and relaxing atmosphere they offer. Enjoying a round of golf allows you to forget about your problems for a few hours and concentrate solely on lowering your handicap. Therefore, it’s no wonder that golf has been proven to be good for your health in more ways than one.

Being a low-impact sport, it’s also suitable for people of all ages. People with knee, back, or hip problems can benefit from this gentle sport. This is why golf is popular with older people who enjoyed playing it in their youth as well. There simply is no cut-off age when it comes to playing golf. You can continue to lower your handicap well into advanced age.

Your age and experience also offer extra benefits as you continue to learn more about how to play golf more effectively with less effort. This further reduces stress and strain on your body as you get older. 

Playing golf also works off more calories than you may think. The length of time it takes to play a round works off more calories than if you spent a half-hour on a strenuous exercise programme in a gym.

Even when you use a golf cart on your round of golf, you’re getting a good workout. Walking to your ball, taking practice swings before addressing the ball, and the accumulated walking around you do during a few hours of golf all add up to a healthy workout.

Mental Health and Well-being

Spending a few hours on a Thai golf course also contributes to your mental health and well-being (if you let it). As long as you don’t take the game too seriously, it reduces stress as well as providing physical exercise. Spending time in the fresh air and sunshine raises the serotonin and endorphin levels in your body.

Serotonin is a natural chemical that’s released in the body during periods of exercise. It’s often referred to as the “feel good” chemical because of the pleasurable feeling of well-being and contentment it provides.

Endorphins are also released naturally in your body when you exercise. They’re meant to relieve stress and lessen any sensation of pain. In reality, they produce much the same feelings as the opioid class of drugs. You get a sense of euphoria and an easing of any aches and pains.

Concentrating on the game’s strategy also is good for your mental acuity. Keeping your mind alert is just as important as physical exercise, especially as you get older. You are figuring out the best shots to play, keeping your scorecard accurate, and keeping track of your opponents score. These are all exercises that help maintain your mental acuity. 

Maintaining a sense of mental calm also serves to improve your game. If you get frustrated by your game, practicing mental self-control is one way to lower your score. Letting your frustration and anger build up translates to hurried and erratic swings.

By taking deep breaths and concentrating on keeping your mind at ease, your golf game will begin to show improvement. This also helps your overall, positive mental outlook off the course as well.

Before, During, and After You Play Golf

It also helps to be aware of your body before, during, and after you play a round of golf. You have to prepare your body for any exercise, no matter how gentle it is. All exercise is a repetitive series of movements that put a strain on muscles and joints. You have to wind down slowly after the exercises to prevent muscle cramping.

Always engage in stretching exercises before you begin to swing your clubs. And not just ten seconds of stretching either. Spend a couple of minutes loosening up your back, arms, shoulders, and legs.

When you’re out on the golf course, be sure to keep yourself well-hydrated. Even if you’re not particularly thirsty, be sure to drink water regularly during your round. The symptoms of dehydration are headaches, cramping, dizziness, and other effects of dehydration often don’t show up immediately but can ruin your day once they do.

Repeat the stretching exercises at the end of your round as well. You’ll experience much less muscle and joint soreness the next day and prevent any muscle cramps as well. 

Stretching works to prevent an acid build-up in your muscles that happens when you suddenly stop working out. By continuing to work the muscles after exercising, you allow the acid to dissipate naturally back into the body. This leaves you without any cramping and can lessen aches and soreness that show up the day after you exercise.    

Stretching before and after a round of golf is a good habit to get into for your golf game as well. It helps keep your body limber and your joints flexible. Think of the golf club as an extension of your arms. The more supple your arms are, the smoother your swing will be. 

Take a relaxing and healthy golf holiday in Pattaya on the championship courses offered at Siam Country Club. Discover how the game of golf can improve both your physical and mental outlook and health.